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Residential Siding

Supplying The Best Siding Products For You

Whether your home fits neatly into a specific architectural style or is more of a hybrid, CertainTeed has siding profiles and textures that will highlight its best features. No other manufacturer offers such a wide variety of siding products and materials, carefully designed to work together for a coherent, natural look. No other manufacturer makes it easier to obtain every element of your home's exterior from a single trusted source. And no other manufacturer provides sophisticated visualization tools and professional advice to help you find just the right combination to unlock your home's potential.

Lap Siding

When it comes to style and colors, no other company can match CertainTeed's portfolio of lap siding products.

Shake and Shingle

Certainteed's shake and shingle siding has the most authentic wood shake look in the industry with better-than-woods performance.

Board and Batten

Alternating wide and narrow vertical panels combine in a simple, yet beautiful, design well suited to distinctive architectural styles.

STONEfacade Veneer

STONEfacade delivers the beauty and craftsmanship of natural ledgestone in an affordable, easy-to-install panelized system.


For proper ventilation, porch ceilings or finishing touches. Available in many colors and styles.

Exterior Trim

CertainTeed Exterior Trim highlights the architectural features of your home without rotting, peeling or fading.

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The Power to Mix and Match

CertainTeed's complete selection of exterior product options is tailor-made to take advantage of the exciting mix-and-match trend: combining various products, styles, colors and textures to create truly unique exterior designs. Adding soffit and trim delivers just the right accent. All choices coordinate perfectly with fence, decking and railing options for a complete package.

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Calming Blue

A calming blue home exterior evokes a sense of tranquility, making a space feel lighter, larger and creating a feeling of open space. Blue color schemes tend to blend well with a variety of siding and roofing choices, wood and stone siding, in particular. It works especially well in northern and coastal areas where natural light changes more dramatically with the seasons.

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Fresh Green

The fresh green home exterior is a classic choice. Brighter greens create a more open, airy space, while softer, muted tones are calming, peaceful and stable, blending more seamlessly with the landscape.

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Earthy Brown

An earthy brown exterior creates the sense of a natural, grounded home. Friendly and inviting, this neutral color choice has made itself a steady favorite in recent years. A brown home exterior also tends to fare better in rough weather conditions, with less-noticeable wear over time.

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Bold Reds

A statement red color choice adds visual distinction to the homes exterior. It is a warm, dramatic color, which can create an earthier visual and make the home appear smaller depending on the shade. Using red as an accent color is a popular choice, as it can highlight the interesting architectural features of the home.

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Cool Grays

Cool grays, like its undertones of blues and greens, create a calming, airy exterior. A brighter shade of gray will make the home appear larger, and this neutral color is a prime choice to highlight various aspects of the exterior. Finding the contrast between the exterior accent and the gray's undertones is the best way to make your home stand out.

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White homes are on trend for all the right reasons. Lighter colors, such as white, will reflect the sunlight, keeping the home cooler in the summer months and preventing the siding from fading. White, like any light color, also tends to make a home seem larger.

ColorView Design Tool

Do you want to see what your house could look like with our shingles? Our ColorView design wizard makes it easy! Just upload a photo of your home, or use one of our pre-selected projects and start designing. With Certainteed shingles the only limit is your imagination.

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